Georg Weber

IT Architect, Software Engineer, and Consultant in Villach, Austria

Discover who I am as a person aside from being a veteran in information technology

Hello, I'm Georg. I love to shift technical boundaries and to create what was initially considered impossible. In my professional life I appreciate an innovative environment to introduce new technologies and fulfill challenging missions.

I am an achiever that likes to push limits.

Georg Weber

Technology enthusiast


Major milestones of my professional career

1992 - Freelancer

Started professional career as freelancer in software development

1996 - Devops engineer for ITSM systems

Became a dad and started as software developer and IT administrator at Siemens. Today everyone calls it DevOps.

2000 - Client and peripherals service delivery

Service delivery manager for client computers and peripherals at Siemens

2002 - IT infrastructure monitoring

Recognized that I need technical challenges and moved back to the technical career path as a senior software architect for IT infrastructure monitoring

2004 - Web application hosting

As a Staff engineer responsible for a team of 8 employees and for the operation of a world-wide web application hosting and IT systems and application monitoring infrastructure

2007 Graduation as MSc

Graduated as a MSc from Klagenfurt University with honors (study alongside work since 1996)

2010 - Enterprise architect

Stepping into test automation infrastructure because IT was in desperate need for a senior IT architect.

2012 - Senior staff engineer

Joined Intel's modem development group in 2011 as an architect for test automation systems and modem software development workflow

2016 - Big data analytics

Besides the work as workflow architect I stepped in to help a team to establish a million dollar savings initiative with the help of big data analytics

2018 - Cloud content management

Implemented an Amazon S3 compatible content management system for 5+ petabytes of modem trace logs and related artefacts.


Big data analytics

Apache Hadoop, ELK, EFK, Vega, D3JS, Amazon Web Services

Software development

Java (20+ years), Javascript (15+ years), Perl (23+ years), C/C++ (5 years), C#.NET (3 years), VB.NET (3 years), Ruby, Lisp, Cobol, Pascal, ...

Management & Concepts   

CaaS, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Software lifecycle managment, ITIL, Enterprise Integration Patterns, FMEA, Scrum, Kanban, ITIL, Extreme Programming, EFQM SEM-I (System Engineering Method for Infineon Technologies conforming to ISO 9001)

Technologies, Libraries

Kubernetes, Docker, Kafka, Spring Framework, MongoDB, JCR, MINIO, Jenkins, Gerrit, GIT, .NET, J2EE, JSF, GWT, ExtJS, PHP, AMQP, MQTT

My Passions and Personality

No matter if in my professional or private life, I love challenges.
I blaze rather than wither

No matter if in my professional or private life, I love challenges. If you asked my friends, they might say that I'm not the best in all that I do but probably everybody would admit that I always fight hard to be the best.

I am blessed with a great son, a charming spouse and wonderful friends with whom I am privileged to enjoy the wonderful area of Carinthia in southern Austria.

Most of my spare time is currently occupied with the renovation of my house - a monster project. But as you know - I love challenges ;-)


Grossattelstraße 55
A-9580 Villach


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